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Today oh today

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Okay, guys…
Today is wonderful to me, but it’s make me feel sad, coz I must back to Purwokerto, yaaa…
Kewajiban sebagai seorang mahasiswa, mengemban tugas dan lain sebagainya. Bisa, aku bisaa!
I go to purwokerto with my dad at 05.10 am.. (the air is so cool I think uuuuuh)
My dad is so sweet, if his children  go to someplace, he always usher his children… (My dad is Great.. you are the best one father I have ever seen :*)
Mom.. in this morning  she makes some food for me which I’ll bring to go to Purwokerto.. (she is very kindly and lovely)
Before I go, I hug my mom, and my sister aah… I’ll miss and longing them L J

See you my beloved family :* , I’ll go home later  J J
Miss you so much

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